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4 responses to “Media – Video

  1. Alice Hepner

    This is great, Vangie. I pray that you reach many, many, many young people.

  2. Thank you, Alice. I do too! I’ve been doing lots of outreach so hopefully this coming year many many people will become aware of the group.
    than you for your continued support.

  3. I watched your documentary a few nights ago on public television. It has stayed with me ever since and is something I will watch again. I am a documentary film maker myself and someone who has been interested in spirituality, religion, mysticism and brainwash. Your movie was very, very powerful. Thank you so very much for making it.


    Eric Allen Bell
    Global One TV

  4. B i know where they are, some of these photos are the people im looking at right now , no bullshit. contact me please because i want to know more. they rub me the wrong way. “the problem with changing society within is that society eventually changes you”

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