About the Film – Director’s Statement


Making God Willing was my educational journey to understand why my nephew and young people like him, abandoned their former lives and families to be in the Jim Roberts Group. I wanted to give voice to the parents’ loss and pain as well as convey the cult members’ deep conviction and genuine desire to live according to God’s wishes. My film provides no clear-cut answers, but does, I hope, give us space and cause to think about cults with fewer preconceived ideas drawn from sensationalized accounts. The Jim Roberts Group is one of many cults based in the US. At its peak it had over a hundred members and now has between 40-60 members. In the last 15 years a parents group has helped about 75 members leave the sect.



2 responses to “About the Film – Director’s Statement

  1. Lynn Pahl

    Several years ago, my friend’s daughter was involved in this cult. Thankfully she left it, after several years. I haven’t heard anything about Jim Roberts for a long time. I am looking forward to watching this movie, as I saw it first hand through my friend’s eyes.

  2. marty

    HI..thanks for this subject and the film.
    Forget about the “group” as a whole for a minute and try to hear me. I beleive as they do and did so way before i knew of this group. I did just as they all have done left all to follow jesus. I was with this group 2 times, once in the 70’s and late 90’s early 2000.
    If you have loved ones with them.please be happy for them and i can only say this…seems to me the parents of these children had to be fine people to have produced such beutiful human beings. All of them have honor,bravery, conviction,selflessness,honesty,pureness of heart,love for truth and god and i salute you all for having such fine children.
    Do not get mad at any of thier leaders or god or yourself…Just wanted you to know this.. I was never happier in my life of 57 years than when i was doing what they are still now doing.Be happy for them they are Fine. ITS a great honor to be one of them. i only wish i was as well.
    YOUR admirer

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