God Willing Premieres – PBS Rollout Begins Today

Today marks the beginning of the PBS rollout, as local PBS affiliates begin to air God Willing.

Over the next few months, various PBS affiliates will be airing God Willing.

Be sure to check your local listings to see when God Willing is airing in your area.



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11 responses to “God Willing Premieres – PBS Rollout Begins Today

  1. Thomas Reinhardt

    I was able to see this film here today in New England WGHB World PBS aired it out of the Boston Area. Hope you all get to see it some time in the coming months. It is well worth the view… will give you another view of what it was really like from the eyes of some who lived it. I was one of them for nearly 22 years. Hard to believe it now looking back on it. It seems like a whole other life, whole other person. But it was really me! God Willing that is. Yes, God Willing..

    • Michelle

      Hi Thomas…you probably then knew my sister Karen who has been in since 1977…I wouldn’t doubt that I met you also in one of our meetings.
      Hope you are doing well.

  2. Marilyn McCary

    PLEASE provide instructions on how to request Ms. Greigo’s film be aired in the Oklahoma City area. My sister joined 37 years ago after being introduced to this “traveling Christian ministry” on the OU campus. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      Hi Marilyn,
      I live in Tulsa (though from Wisconsin). My sister joined in 1977 (34 yrs ago). I may have met your sister through the years. I have pretty regular communicaton with my sister now. Please contact me if you would like to chat.

    • Michelle

      Hi Marily, thanks for your response. I haven’t been to any of the parent/family meetings so we haven’t met.
      If you would like, please email me at m7couture@gmail.com and I can then give you my cell number.
      Michelle Couture

  3. I wasn’t able to see the pbs airing of the documentary. Is there anyone who could get me a copy? THank you BRian

  4. Finally the horror of this group’s leader and the pain he inflicts on us parents who basically lives our lives praying, watching, waiting, hoping for a note, a phone call that never comes, a “real letter” from really your child…my daugher Bonnie, Shoshana disappeared from Boulder CO in 1995 but you miss them daily, there is no closure but every night you pray that they will remember what you taught them and how strong and independent they were…I have MS very bad and live in a small town in KY with no movie theater so please notify me when I can purchase a CD or order it to play on my computer….you are an angel for the kids and the parents, bless you, Susie Blake

  5. Kevin Coughlin

    I teach an extensive unit on cults in my social-psychology class and have used the ABC Prime Time portion w/ Diane Sawyer as a cue. Students are fascinated with the phenomena of various cults and their tactics. Jim Guerra’s book: “From Dean’s List to Dumpsters” is a very good resource with intimate stories, but the documentary looks outstanding and up to date. Please air “God Willing” on PBS Brainerd/Baxter Minnesota LPTV. If anyone else can help me access this seemingly strong resource- please contact me. Thanks.

  6. Marilyn McCary

    Michelle, thank you for contacting me through this website. Will you attend TJRPGN conference in Essex? Think we met in Colorado a couple years ago, if it was you helping Ron with evening social hours? Maybe I’m confused–but either way would love to hear more how you opened communication with your sister. I am pretty sure my sister would be willing to communicate in writing, but I want her to visit Mom.

    Probably everyone knows Ms. Griego’s video is now available through Amazon–I am pretty sure anyway.

  7. Cindy


    I saw the last 15 minutes of the documentary. Quite frankly, I didn’t need to watch the whole thing to understand what going on. I spent most of my childhood raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. Let me tell you, the thinking of both groups is uncannily similar, right down to the lingo used by cult members. Jehovah’s Witnesses may not seem as extreme but at the heart of the matter, they run on fear and isolation, i.e., breaking up families, forbidding relationships with those outside of the group, and generally not being a normal part of society. Their favorite quote by Jesus to twist to the extreme is “I am in the world, but not of it.” I was brought to tears because I remember the fear of anything not related to or approved by the religion and I remember not having a sense of self because everything was dictated by some unseen men in New York. It may seem like typical adolescent growing pains but looking back, it was a lot deeper because as an adult I could not behave or mature like normal human being until I dealt with this part of my past. These kinds of groups are nothing short of a mental mind f***. It’s hard to explain how this type of thinking can feel perfectly normal to those who have not experienced it firsthand. It’s almost like living in a another universe… I haven’t spoken to or seen my mother (or her side of the family) since I was 14 (I’m almost 30) because of this religion. The point of this long winded rant is that I feel the pain of the family members who have lost their loved ones to this group. My heart goes out to all of you. Please do not stop spreading the word about these soul sucking organizations.

  8. Alice Hepner

    There were many college-age youth in attendance at the showing in Boston, and the Q&A period could have gone on much longer, and perhaps did outside the theatre. Sorry we had to leave for an early morning flight back home. I pray that the film keeps many more from joining the 40 or 50 that are left in the group, and that some in the group question their involvement.

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