Interfaith Voices Interview – Inside the Brethren Cult

Daniel, my nephew, and I did our first radio interview together for the Interfaith Voices radio program which will broadcast throughout 76 stations in the US through March 31st.  The interview went really well the interviewer asked insightful questions and was not trying to be sensational angle but rather respectful, it felt good for the film to be interpreted as intended.

The one moment that was both hard and a bit light was when they asked me to read the letter that Daniel left us when he joined.  I always get choked up when I read that letter, even after more than 10 years!  So i was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to do it without tearing up, I got through it ok and at the end Daniel let out a laugh, he said the letter sounded crazy, like it was written by somebody who ran off with a cult.

Listen to the interview on:


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  1. Susie

    I shared time with brothers and sisters, about a little over two-years. I serve a ‘Living-God’ he is the same yesterday and forever. It’s so,so sad about those who had bad expediences with Brother Jim Roberts. Mine is just a story that is part of my testimony in Christ my Lord and my beloved. 1-N-JESUS, s.k.g.
    P.S. Write more information, where is Br. Jim Robert?

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